Victory to Keyser...

Yes, I played Keyser in Scrabble… and from the title of this post, I obviously won. The stake? 5 million… and yes, he actually paid me:

Here was the outcome of the game:

Now, at one point in the game, keyser asked if I had an ‘s’ he could borrow. I said “No, lol”. He then said “Do you have an ‘s’ I can’t borrow?”. I had an ‘s’, but as it says in the Scrabble “How to play” thing, you shouldn’t let other players know what letters you have. So again, I said “No, lol”. Later I played an S in one of my words… he called me a liar and kept going on about it. He said I didn’t win fairly because I lied and that I’d just lost all his respect. I’d like to apologize to keyser about that, as I already have 3 times, but I don’t like to tell other people what letters I have… it’s just a simple part of the strategy of the game. I don’t really think it’s fair to hold that against me. What do you think?

Another note to keyser: this post isn’t about me gloating about beating you, even though I’m proud that I won, I’m still sort of uncomfortable about the whole liar thing.

Wow, nice outcome! Good job beating Keyser!

I agree. You’ve worked hard for it, practicing on other members to challenge him. Go McM :slight_smile: At least he gave it his all…


But do you think it was fair of me to lie about something that the game completely allows? That’s mainly what I was asking.

Was it allowed for you to ask >?

I dont know, I normally dont like telling others information on what I have during a game…:bored:

-EDIT- Oh, its allowed. Then not really I would have kept it to myself too…

i havent played scrabble in… ages, ne1 wanna friendly?

nice 5m u got there :smiley:

Holy crap! Nice. :):slight_smile:

Technically you’re not supposed to ask what letters the other person has.

oH :stuck_out_tongue: Then in that case, I would have just said “Cant tell you” or “Cant say”.

I think you did right by abiding by the rules…

Don’t you claim to be a Christian? And does’t the Bible say “Thou shalt not lie”?

If you really wanted to appoligize to Keyser, and you really felt bad about lying, then why would you go ahead and take his 5Mill? In fact, didn’t this game start off low at about 100-200k? …and didn’t you want to increase it in the middle of the game because you were ahead.

If you are really sorry and think you won in other ways (e.g. because of your awesome skills), then why not play him again for 10Mill – show him what a true player you are?

If Keyser got to the point of begging, then he lost anyways.
Good game Mutation!

The point is, I don’t feel bad about lying, I feel bad about making keyser mad at me. I really don’t think I did anything wrong by saying I didn’t have a letter that I had. It made no difference in the game outcome anyway.

Speaking of the Christian thing and “Thou shalt not lie”, nearing the end of the game, I said, that I had to be at my church within 40 minutes, so I asked him to be as fast as possible. He thought I was lying again and thou shalt not lie, and again got mad at me… I really don’t think he’s being fair.

I doubt he’d play me again anyway, and this isn’t about who’s better, it’s about the ‘s’.

OMG someone beat keyser takes pic of the words now to use them against keyser!

Lol… are you going to sig it?

I would haha.

nope… well im gonna sig the trade because i cant believe that he doesnt 5 mil… and had to give items :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol I wouldn’t… I’m already on keyser’s blacklist… I don’t want to make it worse.

how can u make worst then blacklist???

I really just don’t want to make it worse ok lol?

You spelt ‘once’ wrong in your sig, by the way.

thats for saying that… now to err… fix it