Viva Dragon Plate Legs!

It has been confirmed that the bronze, iron, and steel dragons all drop dragon plate legs. Be warned that they toss fireballs over obstacles so rangers beware and mage should dare, for without a shield to wield must much care. The legs of lords are in the air and though they are rare they are worth the snare.

Is that meant to be some sort of poem?

alright…now lets have that in english.

it sound slike a poem lol :slight_smile:

i think its quite gud he means that all iron steel bronze and others drop dragon pl8 legs.

It looks like a poem that was overworked. It looks like it wasn’t meant to be a real poem.

freaky poem, but make a little sense due to my superior intellect 8) lol :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :roll: :idea: :o :mrgreen:

Well I I Know Is That I Got My Legs, Two In Fact, Sold One To This Guy 14m Yesterday & Now Ppl Selling Them At 8m. So I Sold Pretty Good I Guess, As For My Other Legs, Im Keeping Them! To Bad I Can’t Wear :frowning:

BTW, Best Way To Kill 'Em With Melee Is To Bring Tons Of Prayer Pots, Lil Food, & Monk Robes With Anit Breath. You Can Kill 'Em Over & Over This Way.

Yeah I went into a poetic trance there sorry. Uh tose dragons are mean. I almost died multiple times cuz they have projectile fire balls like the kbd making ranging a big nono. Never range them or you will be mauled. DOnt mage therm unless u have 70 def cuz ull b there 4 quite a while. Always go for the bronze and iron cuz the steal is like the uncle of kbd. Beware. Also over 500 drag legs have been gotten on the first day so the price will be 4.5 mill in no time. Save ur money and buff up. We can do it!

lol sounds like a poem… still pretty creative i guess :?

The only way I would get those legs is through killing the drags and if I did I would sell immediately! They are horrifying things!

For the first time since I got up from playing rs, I thought my heart stopped. Those things hit 26’s for fun. Red drags also have gotten much smarter. Pretty soon I think they will start breathing fire accross long distances too. I wish I could cast lumby teleport on the steel drag :). Byebye newbs :twisted: Also I would sell the legs now too. They are rally overinflated pricewise. I am gonna stay up all night till I get 1 and then turn a huge profit. I only have 2 mill and I am mad I dont have a red mask. I figure I could trade the legs for 9 maks :).