vote: RSR Christmas Party TIME

[b]If you haven’t read about the party, please, do so here.

[COLOR=DarkGreen]The date was decided by the 62 votes for Dec 21st. The time will be decided by this thread.

Please vote for ALL times that you can make it.

If you need help converting time zones, please read this:

[COLOR=DarkGreen]The world turns around an axis. This means that it’s day on one side of the world when it’s night on the other. As a result, we have differnet time zones to account for the fact that sun only shines on half the world at any given time.

The World Clock - Time Zones

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Forgot the poll…

can you add central time in there too? i want to vote for 4:00pm central and i havent learned how to convert timezones yet

[b]I just added a link that helps you convert time zones.

[COLOR=DarkGreen]Please remember that the ones I posted are EST (Eastern Standard Time), aka the time zone that you will find New York City in.[/COLOR][/b]

My schedule is very unpredictable (I’m such a busy man!). Actually I dunno, I might go to a movie or to a friends place or something. But I’m usually around in the evening.

midnight so i can go on w/o my regular play being interrupted since i will be doing barrows that day

Depends on how long it will last, I choose 4 and 8.

i picked 4 but i meant 6…srry, it would work good if the party was on a school day or on the break, so it would be perfect for me

I personally voted for 12 P.M. I chose that, because I figure it’ll be around then that most people are logging on. If they have stuff planned for that day, it would be best to do it late.

any time is good for me

Well 6,8 or 10 will be fine i would prefer 8 or 10 tho.




I’m so lucky, thats the day that school breaks up in australia :stuck_out_tongue: 4pm onwards works for me :stuck_out_tongue:

6pm!!! coz it would be 22nd of dec at 7am in my country,8pm or 12 midnight i cant attend coz the market startes at 8 pm est.

Lol i wish it was 16th like last year lol…


Any Time Cause In Queensland School breaks up Like What 8 Days Before The 22nd.

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In NSW last year it was like the 23rd…

well school broke up for me almost 3 weeksa already,mwa ha ha ha i will have longest holiday ever in rsr mwa ha ha h h ah ah ah!!! 2 nice long months!!!mwa ha ha ha,lol:D

How long is this party?

The party will last for 1-2 hours, depending on how long everyone wants to hang out afterward.