w00t! 85 str!

well i got it yesterday but i was too lazy to post it so here it is :slight_smile:

Not bad. Too bad you aren’t pure.

i know lol, but it does help alot when i box people (even cheating noobs named dead doggies who turns on food and eats sharks when we stake 1m) anyway thanks lol

Chickens? You train on chickens? I’ma go try that. Does it get your str up quicker? Sweet!!!

yea chickens is a bit odd especaily cos its show 71/79 hp… must ne an uber-chicken!

w00t go goku that rocks man im only 62 str

Congratz :slight_smile: I’m level 102 with 82 strength :wink:

congratz man, but I suggest lvl some none combat skills

chickens are good to train on?!?! Man time to go to the chicken scoop!

lol, i dont train on chickens :stuck_out_tongue: i just attacked one because i wanted to actually get pic :slight_smile:

Good job Goku-Dinky only 5 away from 90…

what your your stats?

Gratz :stuck_out_tongue: About 34 lvls higher than me lmao…

im so much happier now lol