lvl 72 wc :slight_smile: w00tage! yay!

good job dude!cough80 herecoughlol

nice, ur str owns me lol. im 97 and only 80 str 0.0 and good job on wc. almost at 75

Congratz on 72 wc :slight_smile: your strength is better than mine and I’m level 102 :wink:

hehe thanks guys and xoron my lvl 82 has 82 wc :slight_smile: and 89 fletch :huge:

I still own you by 2 levels n00b! :smiley: Grats.

not for long lol

gratz good luck on 75 :slight_smile:

Nice job! Congrats!

nice goku…maybe we can hang out and wc sumtime =p

Congratz Goku-Dinky! 3 until magics!