W00T!!! Lvl 40 ranged!!!

W00T!!! I have been work all today on this, and it cost me a few arrows, but it was worth it!!! Now I can actualy use the G-dragon hide stuff I had for almost 3 months!!! YAY!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

grats lol :))

go for 70 so u can hold blk d hide :wink: itll be worth it too

depends if hes f2p. or p2pā€¦ im thinking hes f2p.

uhhh grats go for 50?

Now you can equip every f2p ranged armour/bow/arrows.
Congrats, if your members go for 50 :smiley:

great lol get it higher now ok

umm congrats lol train it more! :smiley:

Off-Topic : Wewt-ness 500 p0sts

gratz on that umm high range lvl :stuck_out_tongue:

40range wud take me about 4 days on a pure lol

Nice acheivement, keep up the good work.

nice but r u f2p or p2p?