W00t! my new members weapon set!!

i just got members!! hurrah for me!!
so far my set stands at:
EDITED:d long
full rune
i have 2.4mil cash on hand, stats are att 60, str 65, def 58(gettin to 60)
wat should i buy.

The Stuff you listed :smiley:

get 70 atk and get a whip

Glory, wealth.

soooo… any1 else got any suppestions.
def now 59, got 42 prayer aswel.

you should train your self !!!

Glory (4)
DDS for other fights
Obby Shield:::

Then save up and get a whip

i have a glory and wealth now :slight_smile: (ty bananamatic for helpin me out)

buy ldz of ess nd go on a rcing spree for 44rc then make like 10k nats… get 70fletching alch yew longs 7.68mil get whip nd torag ownage :smiley:

well get to 70 att and buy whip like some1 else said