w00t w00t 43 prayer!!

I finally got 43 prayer here are pics

oooh nice! i just reached 43 prayer like a month ago. what lvl r u?

i got lvl 44 prayer … like for 3 month ago…

Congrats on 43 prayer! 8)
Now you will be that much easier and funner.

im 76 combat =p

Cool, check out what you can do at next level:

Yes, I’m anti-Michael Jackson…
Yes, I have too much spare time…
Yes, I’m going to take negative comments from this…

~ ewok

congratz on 43 prayer… i’m still far from that, cause i don’t train prayer as much…

very nice! I got 39 pray. 1 lvl 2 protect from missiles (thats been rubbed in alot by my friendslol) Very nice acheivment. maybe i should start gettin my pray up again :?

Lol, thats great mrparris! :lol:
You wont get any negative comments from me! :lol:

im totally anti-michael! he/she totally disgusts me! (btw, good job on 43 prayer, i made 49 a few weeks ago)

Lol, he/she, I think we are all confused on his/her gender! :lol: