w00t w00t w00t w00t w00t i passed it!!!

yay i passed the waterfall quest!!! lol its pretty easy… for a hard quest. I have 93 quest points now.
sickmate 8)

um u might wanna change ur sig

W00t w00t w00t! LOL congrats on doing it! That was the first quest I did as a member (when I was one…) lol but still good job.


lol w00t!
and yeah im gonna fix my sig now.
sickmate 8)

Yay! Lol this is off-topic but I just LOVE your signature! :smiley:


thanks mate.

  • i just updated stats and qp.
    sickmate 8)


Congrats. I wish i was a member. I love quests.

w00000t congratz

cool now u can hunt fire giants =D

yay good for u

yay, good job…is it really hard?

nice i have 145 ithink

its actually quite easy. just get a few prayer pots for it, and use a guide. And definatly, DONT be curious!!! click on the wrong thing, and u have to start it all over again.
sickmate 8)

ye i clicked on the wrong thing on that quest. i went to pick up the treasure without using that pot thing on it and had to start again. oops

lol yeah i didnt luckily.
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w00t, congrats sickmate/mr. Jek!

grats sickmate…50k each for siggies?!

Very nice i did it at lvl 40

lol Waterfall quest was so easy…just a lot of running back to bank and stuff.