Wall Of Kills - Big Update

This is an updated version of the wall of kills i started here a while ago lol

you can also find it on my website: www.s4.invisionfree.com/rs_portal - Im only going to be updating it there.

Nice! I suggest you make a Ross12345678 wall of kills and a Dizzy Archer wall of kills.

PS - I got some red vam and chaps for you!

you kiled sporkfreak? nice i killed about likw 2 ppl lol nice kills

erm, i could…but i dont know who killed which lol, there kills are both mixed in, i mostly pk on dizzy now, lvl 46, 68 range :slight_smile:

P.S - yay!, my chaps and vambs got pked :(. i had lagg lol.

Nice man, thats getting better.
Hey you killed that 77777 guy hes got a bounty on his head for 150k.

Thats no fun, nobody i know… lol its more fun when you kill people i know :-p

he has a good website

Check for bounties now… :slight_smile:

sweet wall dude

lol i know egypt1234, but all she dose is run around in wildy

8O wheres the person holding the bounty? lol i could do with that money

Can i be on it? I’ll be on whenever add helly hawky :stuck_out_tongue: i’m gonna die yay