Wanna make 1.5 mil in a day?

all u gotta do is collect d bones from lvl 79 Green Dragons located in lvl 14 wilderness just north west of edgeville. I killed 500 drags took their bones and sold for 3k ea. 3000*500=1,500,000gp. This is for you people looking for quick cash.

nice way of making cash, but its only good for members…

I might try it, but i’m not sure…

what koshi said…its basically just for members…its still a nice tip though…thanks for the advice…

If you keep the hides too they sell for 2k each so its like 5k a dragon plus any extra loots. I used this method a while back.

actually you could make more in a day runecrafting nats

Wait what…? I asked Ice if blue hides go for 2k each and he said those were black…

I feel ripped.

by the way u get good xp : ]

isn’t it dangerous? tons of pkers hang around there

damit im not member…

its dangerous tho. pker kill ya, and u need lvl 70+ if u dont wanna use too much food.
sickmate 8)

500 Green Dragons? How long would that take to kill 500 of them?

Hey dude, I know many ways to earn lots of cash in one day. But the thing is, how much you play in that day? I have way to earn 125 k + a day with plaing less than 2, 5 hours. =)

but dont ya need a gud slaya lvl to kill dem?

thats how i make alot of my cash

hey thats a good advice but only for members =(

Cool thanks! But…i wish i was a member…

im gonna do that now!

Yeh thats how i make my money too

not many people will waste their time on someone with no skull, you could also bring tele runes.