want a good gfx site? click button in post

|-|Wish to join my clan? Click Here
[color=black]|-|Tools of the trade:[/color]
[color=black]|-|Need something made for ya? Like a sig, banner, or avatar? Well click the buttons below for one of the best Graphics Sites on |-|the net![/color]


I don’t get it? :s

Wow thats a really nice template. GJ man. BTW did you take that template from chaosgfx.com?

By the looks of it no. They are some really good sig makers and just need to get their skill out on the net!

Oh. So its not the same template?

ok…so we can just go take a siggy from there? but it doesnt have my name on it…i want my name not DSinz…

Ya, its the same template as chaosgfx… its called Fusion, so is Chaosgfx’s

But isn’t that for the forum? This one is for the site and forum…

Oh, yeah… But btw: I signed up, hope yur glad now :smiley:

For what? Signed up for what?

Lol… Registered is the way to say it lol :wink:

Registered for what?

Registered at the site :slight_smile:

Oh…that site? Lol. We both just wasted 5 minutes of each others lives trying to figure out what the hell we were talking about.

Hehe… Lol, we are so cool! :wink:

Cool! (I think my brother just woke up)…so…you live in Norway?

Yeah :), you live in America, eh?

Yup…California style. :cool: