Want a lava cape?

Well guess who just found a hally spot. One of my new goals is lava cape now :].

are u serious??? where???

What if it ranges you?

180 cant range you only the 90s can. I straight melee those… You go on the east side and run across it. When the 180 comes it will get caught before it reaches the jut out from the wall where skeletons and the “geyser thing” is.

Good luck with that :slight_smile:

yes but guess what, the level 720 ranges and 80’s with quills

Holy crap, this “helps” get closer to the 720 atleast. Therefore you dont waste your supplies on the 180s and such.

Yeah, the 702 (Tz-Tok Jad) can one-hit you with range, mage or melee. The place you found (looks like a boot on the minimap doesnt it?) is, still a good way to help beat the 702.

omg i wish i knew there was a hidding spot while i was still p2p

good luck on lave cape

The cape is called “Fire Cape”.

its not a lava cape or fire cape btw, its a fury cape…

Why would it be called Fury Cape if it is only obtained from the depths of a volcano? Ask anyone who has one. Also check on any RuneScape help sites.

why is the onyx ammy called the fury ammy?why not just onxy?

crack…its fire.

whoops…my 106 friend says it was fury

No, you’re talking about the onyx ammy, and hes talking about the fire cape.

Why is the dstone ammy called ammy of glory? It’s more catchy than Dragonstone Amulet, if you get my meaning.

sweet post if you get the cape :slight_smile: good luck

Nice, Post pic of you getting a fire cape…

No way in hell he’s gonna get the cape unless u have cash for full Gunthan, and a quick finger for prayer. Cuz that’s what you need to kill the Tz-Tok Jad.