Want To Earn An Easy 150k?


What name you want on it?

“l 3 G 4 C Y”

EDIT - I will stay here for 10 more minutes but then i have to go to bed so… :slight_smile:

Meh, my humble entry :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill may enter another one (well if it didnt turned out good…)

EDIT: Damn thats bad, heres it fixed :slight_smile:

Sweet sig Alias, but what’s with all the white around the edge?

Dunno, i did sumthin to the matte :blush:

Nice shape, but I don’t like that shape… :tongue:

I’ll give this a shot if I’m up to it… So look out ;).

Can you try getting two pics from the same angle. I think i could make a better sig then.
Did you know theres 9 pixels of purple in a dragon ammy?

I like them, the forums i will be using it on is this colour:

The blue stripes are just to seperate the threads, it is mainly white.

Please make sure it matches :slight_smile:

Sorry for the double post but Hypnotic Monky from tip.it is currently winning this comp. Please create some more sigs guys, especially you, Gunz.

My new one is perfect so just give me the prize money now ok…


Very nice, i have had over 10 other signatures made for me on other sites too so i still have to work it out.

Perhaps if u were to leave the “L 3 G 4 C Y” still, so it doesn’t fade, and just fade in the “The Legacy Continues” below it. So it isn’t covering it.

wait for me. Ill try to get it done tonight but i ahve to finish slipknots if i can still do it and i have hockey

It’s going on for a few more days.

hey dude i saw ur post on tip.it
u see my shop lol?

I’ll go check it out now.

EDIT- nice shop. Theres some spamming noob on my thread…

u want a free1?
tell em what color backround and ill see what i can do, ill just add thet render u have to it

No thnx mate, just looking for this. Which 1 do u like the most so far?

i liek the 1 u chsoe the best. what i meant ill make 1 like what u are asking for for free. i wont be ass good as these, but its 150k cheaper

Nah, i probably wouldn’t use it much but thanks for the offer :slight_smile: