WANTED: the lords of pking!!!

runescapers who r level 53 or 54 , who want to join my dark alegence gang :!: WANTED: a mage who can cast blast spells, and a great ranger wearing dragonhide, and of course all great warriors :!: contact me A.S.A.P :!: TY

I’m lvl 61 and I have 41 range and 51atk 60 str abd 45 def take these ppl you want killed into anout lvl 9 or 10 wildy and i can own them

P.S. I have full rune but if u want me to range i need full green dragon hide again i sold it…

thnx for da reply, wats ur name ill add ya :?: :lol:

I shall join ur clan i am lvl 54 and i can hit 13s plz let me join…

P.S it has a talented name “the dark alliegance” :twisted: