Wanting a new sig ^^

My new sig is getting old and i’ve been hoping for a new sig.
Colour:red in the back ground, or you can be creative
words: Hitokiri krytas, Warrior/Elementalist fading in and out of each other
Character: A guild wars character would be perferred at the front, i’d like a warrior :stuck_out_tongue:
Payment: 80k along with a rune plate and rune scimmy (rs payment) Or it could be free outta the goodness of people’s hearts
Contact: Pm me here when you would like the payment if i approve of the sig
EDIT: wrong section :open_mouth: whoops mods can move

Here u go hope u liked it :smiley: Edit:

Well cents this is one of my first signatures you can have it for free.



Wooo im definatly gonna try this will post it tommorow i think.

Wow, thanks, this’ll be my temporary sig or permanent sig if there are no other gd takers :D, of course you’ll get the stuff if you win

Krytas! Wait. I am making this definetly!

That’s my entry^^ Hope I win. :smiley: By the way, when’s this end?

If you click the link in my sig then i’ll make one for you…

based on some of the designs…

Heres a differn’t verson of your sig if u like it better



Is that a rain effect? I hope I win though. :smiley:

:frowning: are you saying that the rain effect isent good anymore?

In bout a day, so at 7:00 pm i’ll choose a winner, arcdemons has an impressive entry as well :D:D so its close.

Did Arcy PM you it? 'Cause he didn’t post it here.

Yes he did and here it is right now, its quite good :smiley:

omg… this is why i hate rsr lol everyone takes my chances of getting money for my sigs -.-

Mine’s more grungy than Arc’s. I could make you a new one or edit that one around. :smiley:

U probley wont beat arcy’s -.-

Lol I hope he doesn’t beat mine :P.

Umm KRYTAS i dont think your alod to put ARCdemons1’s sig in your name till you pay… -.-

^^That’s against rules.

I just payed em -.- lol, yeh so thats the contest. Demon, yours was great, but a darker background would’ve been perfect, and archerkill, nice try :wink: