wanting black full helm

Ello. I’ve wanted a black full helm to complete the “Dark Paladin” set. however, the only place for me to buy it is at the Champions’ Guild. And I do not have enough quest points. So anyone freely wanting to get rid of the black full helm, or give me a small tip on getting a black full helm, my player name is dpaladinx (I’m also getting black kite shield, but I got that under control). P.S. Offering a black full helm to me must be free, putting it in a stupid large price I WILL NOT ACCEPT.

Any tips on getting the black full helm?

buy it from someone look on the forums on here

i’ll buy the helm for you just give me the money and i’ll give you the helm… actually let me think about it…

Bushmaster92 has one!! hell sell it, or just go right outside the guild and ask people to sell one.