This is in response to a “What if this happened post…” I read recently. This is not necessarily a clan war, you can be freelance and stil join in.

I’m thinking of organizing a huge war in the wilderness slightly akin to Castle Wars. The idea goes something like this:
-This is a fight that requires tons of people, so sign up if you haven’t already.
-In this case, the “flag” would be some wearable/wieldable item that only 1 player would have. There would be one for each team.
-This would be tournament style, lasting for a few rounds.
-Your rewards are what you claim from your kills.
-Each team would be able to choose what where their fortress would be. It has to be some notable area in the wilderness. You can’t pick, say, the monastary, or some hill. (you can choose some hills, like the spider nest where the emerald drop is.)
-You don’t have to be a member.

Anyone can join. Just to make it fun, the two sides are good and evil. Depending on your personality, you may want to join one or the other.
REccomendations: Good-Saradominists or Guthix… ans?, priests, anti-pkers, people who are generally good. Good wears red capes.
Evil-Zamorakians, pk-ers, evil priests, people who are generally ‘evil’. Evil wears black capes.
Post here or PM me for details, and we’ll see how far this idea gets. Date and time are TBA depending on how people respond to this.

Hope that wasn’t too confusing.

What about clans do this? So one clan is one team, another clan is another different team. This might take a long while to organize, but I think I’ll join.

Sign me up!

I was thinking of this less as a clan war and more as a massive thing akin to the final scene in “Braveheart”. But whole clans can join. Still good and evil though.

im lv 42 but ill join :wink:

I highly think it should be clans against other clans. This would be more organized, and people would know who were on their side because they would know who was in their clan.

u good or bad? :?

u good or bad? :?[/quote]

Alright clans are fine, but it would have to be multiple clans vs. multiple clans to get the kind of audience I was thinking about.

Audi, if you’re not going to say something meaningful, post somewhere else. And don’t double post.

but wats double postin?

When you post two times in a row.

And if anyone has any, I could use suggestions as to what the “flag items” would be…

i think that a war in like a week wuold be better then you have time to tiran so you could have a better chance when you are having a war

The war date won’t be decided on until we can get a ton of people.

Maybe i’ll join i suck, combat=28

That’s actually a good thing. I was afraid all these high level people would sign up and all of us with low levels would ge our butts kicked. So it’s good to have some low level people fighting, evens things out more.

ill jion my rs name is aznpirate

2 things:

  1. I should’ve mentioned that this will be ongoing because death does not remove you. You can come back to the wilderness and re-join the fight. It only ends when a flag item has been captured.

  2. (Oh, the possibilities) If capture the flag won’t work, another idea is a king of the hill sort of battle. One team takes a defensive position, and tries to hold it. The battle ends and an indicated time, and whoever is holding it at that time wins. WHo holds the area can be determined this way (hope it makes sense):
    Each side is led by 1 or more commanding officers who lead each side, the highest being general obviously. WHichever side has the most officers occupying the area in question is considered in control of it.

Waddaya think?