I want to start a war with any clan of just warriors of lvl 20 to 30.
post here or PM if your intrested

a lvl 20-30 clan is hard to find
sickmate 8)

ya it is hard to find a clan lvl 20-30

im not being picky i just have a lvl 20-30 clan of warriors

My clan will fight u and illl try to keep everyone over lvl 45 out.

ok what kinds of armor do they have

Varied some have black, some have mith, some have studded. I think 1 or 2 might have dragonhide.

teckman how big is your clan?.. :twisted:

“That’s right rat boy you better get your tough talk outa the way cuz im about to wipe that smirk rite off your face!!”

bout a dozen ppl.

armor& weapon requirements are…

bronze-lvl 15 or lower
iron- lvl 15-20
steel- lvl 20-25
black- lvl 20-30

the leaders or main representitives can be up to lvl 35 and can wear any of the armor above.I will make ppl bronze and iron if you contact me on RS or PM me quickly after this message. We can also make terms over RS such as Clan Cape Colors (C.C.C.)

there will be NO bows. You can use a staff if you do not use it for magic.poison is not allowed. Talk to me again if you want the War
(i have a war speech for my Sig which i think is kewl, do you?)

Lol sorry but i usually lead my clan into battles like these and im lvl 44. The only other leaders we have are like lvl 70 or so. I do like your war speech though.

ill join A clan im level 45 full addy rune scimmy =) 8) doubt ill get in though

Don’t doubt. You can get into mine.

thats really gay… i wanan be in a war but in a lvl 75, i ve never been in one of those massive wars :frowning:

I’ll gladly let u into my clan we have alot of people in mine above lvl 70.

lol i dont wananbe in a clan i jsut wanna be in one of those massive wars

That’s why they call those massive wars “clan wars.”

lol ill join your clan when theresone of those wars :smiley:

As long ad you don’t just join for the war and quit the next day. And are we kinda goin off topic here.