There Is A Very Big War In 3 hours( 7 pm gmt) world 47 all who wish to be on my side must bring blue capes!!! this war will be against the kalfhite crusades!!! all peeps who like wars and pking this is you opp!!!

i’ll come. where do i get blue capes from?

where do we go???
how many are coming?
how many we fighting?

we are hopfulyl supplying the capes and i am not sure about how manyu are coming

we going to varrock or edge?

lol, aren’t the opposing clan gonna be a bit scared when they see moreppl than they thought were coming?

i know tesni on rs im in

Sorry I can’t help

the time has been moved!!! it is now 9pm gmt we meet at edgevile

I’m in!!!My user name is lynchyou! What are the lvls required for this??? I am Gmt -5 do you know what time that will be my time??? and whats your user name?

right, good, its 9pm gmt, just wot i wanted. i can go watch doctor who now. everyone in england go watch it now, its on bbc1!!! lol

greeat war in 2 hours

ok after the war i am gonna post my video of it. thats if it doesn;t make runey lag too much

if u guys go to war again ill come i love wars

ill bring a see-through cape

I think the war is over for the last two people who posted… Not to be mean or anything… Just to let you two know… But now that it’s probably over… How did it go? I hope you guys fought your best and won…

o well

lol, here’s what happened, because the war was delayed for a while, a group of the blue capes went into the wildy and decided to try and take on a few ppl in black capes while they were waitin until 9pm gmt. they got their ass kicked and the war was as good as cancelled because more than half the blue cape team were wiped out! lmao.

Aww man… That sucks… Sorry to hear that… I hope you guys beat them on your next war meeting…

rofl,that happens when you don’t obey to orders and just go on your own with a small group( :stuck_out_tongue: history reapeats itself 8) )