I think Runescape should have a Wilderness and Chaos war like the Warhammer Black Crusades. Basicall every once in a while the forces of Zamorak would invade from the Wilderness and everyone can fight them. Since not everyone owuld like this there could be special servers for this

Maybe they could come and invade Varrock, and it’s up to the great people heroic look like me to save the day. Lol, good idea dude, maybe a scout would spot them and a countdown timer would start. After say, 5 minutes they arrive and start attacking you…yeah, I like that idea a lot…

~ ewok

what if your a zammy follower like me :stuck_out_tongue:

zammy followers could join the zammy people coming out of the wilderness. that is an awesome idea.

Maybe it be kind of like Castle Wars and both sides could win. Which ever side wins gets prizes and the prizes depends on how much damage you did. So Runescape could get destroyed ( on that server) but then it would restart

man, that would be awesome. but it should be like the widy so lvl 100s don’t run up to you aand start doing 20s(think about it lvl3 against a lvl 100 guy, lol)

good idea man, that would be awesome and just like the wild you could claim the person you face stuff.

good idea…