Warlord Armor and Greatsword

I hope ya like it.

^^ tell me what ya think.

Here’s the picture

I like it! I think it’s great! Well done!

Cool :D.Every1 hates the pic i did in the topic “Something i did” :frowning:

i couldnt get u r pic at all have jolio post it in img

syoku can i put ure image on my website undwer screenshots i say it by u

wow, good job! maybe jagex would put this armor in the game…lol


Very Very good ,Im impressed, excellent work, 10\10 hehe

its great 10/10

wow, great job, as good as jolio himself (sorry jolio lol, i just had to say it lol)

good job i like it

lol thx a bunch guys. hehe and yes you can put it on ur site. i guess i should do more pics, this was my first. ^^

its ok lol 5/10

10/10 i like it 8O

its kinda plain in ways, try giveing it other parts helm, shield, legs, items, etc

it looks a lot lke a mage and warrior kinda looks like mw when i died a long time ago :oops:

the gown is edited too lol its meant to be the bottom of the set. And a necklace would’ve blocked the symbol. plus the grey gloves looked great. The reason i nvr do a helm is because it looks so much cooler without one. ^^ The minimalist thing is kind of reminiscent of sydney losstarot (Vagrant story for ps1) hes always been my fave, but i plan to make a hally and claws for the set as well. :smiley:

btw almost done with claws and hally ^^

yeh that would be good.

also, what is it with people stealing avatars?

you stole that one from a post, and de-powerer (sticks tounge out) stole my custom one that jacob made (especially for me).

the pic is gone

lol my avatars from the default gallery on this site and the pic isnt gone, use the link i put up. It’s because angelfire only displays pics if its on their pages so i linked it to my web page. :oops: my host is terrible but its free so not too bad a tradeoff there.


I now put up two more at the top.