Warning About New Abyss Place

I highly discourage anyone under level 60 going in there; I’m level 82 and I died in there and lost full rune, dragon long, glory and ring of wealth, about 500k worth of stuff. As soon as you enter, you get skulled and it also drains your prayer to 0. It’s multi combat and there’s like 5 to 10 monsters ranging from 40 to 81 attacking you at a time. This is just my carelessness dying, as I had food but only ate a bit, but I’m still warning you to be careful in there if you’re a lowish level.

new abbys place wers dat?

thnx 4 the advice :slight_smile:
also where is this place at? i never been there…

Talk to the zammy mage in level 5 wild, north of edgy. He’ll explain it.

lol this interests me…i’m going to go check it out

that bug is fixed by now, so says Xgod and Blink.

it is? cool. chaos look at privet messages

Don’t bring your full Guthix, dude. :P.

is it for f2p?

nah p2p only. for rc.
sickmate 8)