warrior drawing

ive drew this pic
its a bit grainy, i had to use my webcam to take it :ill:

Lol - Why is he so thin?

good question

sry, but its not very good :frowning:

it looks like a 2 year-old drew it, of course i can’t draw either.

Keep practising and you will get better.

i was just thinking that same thing.

what lvl is ur character on rs?

  1. Please don’t double post.
  2. He’s lvl 84.
  1. Why not?
  2. Cool, mine is lvl 50. :frowning:

how didi you get your character such a high lvl?

  1. Because it is against the forum rules. If you left something out, use the EDIT button in the top right corner of your post.
  2. You’ll get higher eventually.

its ok i guess not the best tho

i draw stuff like that in maths