Was RS funner then?

Do you think RS was funner once you 1st started playing? When there was so much left to discover? When it was so easy to level up? When you were level 20 and thought you were good until you saw a level 70? Good times…Now its nearly impossable for me to level up…

lol i agree sorta, but i enjoy a challenge. so yes and no.
sickmate 8)

Yeah…I just liked the adventure part of being a “noob”, not knowing all the armours…Always discovering things.

I like this part because I love pking, but I just forgot, I don’t play RS anymore…

No, becus its funner actually having to work to level up. instead of slaughtering a few cows and goblins here and there.

Yes…I dont mean just getting levels faster, I mean like being able to discover the world of rs…Getting your 1st 1k…It was way funner in my opinion.

definatly, ive quit now cause it got to hard to lvl up

Yeah I agree. I started another account and yesterday, I just got it to level 40.

I just loved the adventure part, and thinking 2000 gp was alot, and playing was much funner, even when I was a noob I would have had more fun leveling up the current account I have now, wrather then doing it when im not a noob. It was just much funner then too, it didnt get boring so quickly.

I guess that’s why you’re called what you are.

^^What is that supposed to mean? Seriously, did you call me a noob? I really dont understand lol.

yea but still i havent experienced a lot of stuff…like Legends guild and such. i guess it was quite fun not knowing anything and just…exploring at lvl 3.

Well let’s put it this way… There are some things I miss about being a noob… It was sort of cool to be lost in Lumbridge, and wondering what the game had in store for you, but on the other hand, now that you do know what the game is all about, you become higher leveled, you know how the game works, and can just simply relax and play the game… Like sickmate and others say, yes and no… I like the game now that I know how it works, but also I did enjoy the game when I first started, because it was new… It’s a complicated emotion… ;p

-=~ J.T. ~=-

Yeah…I sorta feel that way too, Its like I almost miss it lol. I 100% fully agree to what you just said, I feel the exact same way.

I meant f00b rhymes with n00b. NVM Foob.

Oh, now I see lol.

Sorry about that. I like being a noob though…

good times…goooooooood times…

omg i hate this topic !!! …you know why?..“funner” iiis not a wooooord!!! it should be “more fun” or “better”

that is all…

I like it better now. Now I have a better handle on the game and I get priveledges that lower levels don’t. Also, with higher levels you have more oppurtunities to start quests, and new areas to discover.