was this a fair trade? involves d med

:meditate: i traded my d med for full rune trimmed and dragon long was that a fair trade? :meditate:

no thats only about 1700k med is near 2000k

Rune (t) last time I check was 1.2-1.5 but i don’t know now, d long is always 100k. I think you could have just sold it for 1.5-1.6M cash instead of that.

the drag med is 2.3mil and full rune t is 1.4mil and d long is 100k, so no u get ripped

Wow you guys need to review your prices. World 2 - 1.5-1.6 D MED.

2.3 Was like ages ago…

well i havent been a member sence feb so i guess that can count as ages ago

i think u didnt get ripped, but then again, who cares what i think