was this a good trade or not???

ok i traded 60k for
runes schimmy
addy chest
addy legs
addy med helm

id say a little loss on ur side but dono its close

Yeah… I don’t know how much of a loss the trade was to you but I am sure that you did pay more than you needed to for that stuff… Hopefully it wasn’t too much of a loss…

Yes i agree i think the guy got the best of you sorry :?

yep i agree next time better deal:D

well i only have 3k no so…

lol, soz m8, but you got ripped off…you can buy rune scim’s for like 30k now in members, and the addy stuff isnt allot.

Lemme calculate… The addy plate, as far as I know, should be around 16k, addy legs are like 6.5k-ish, the med helm is like 1k-ish or something, and the scimmy as kdbkc3000 said is 30k… That’s 53.5k-ish… With a grand total loss of 6.5k… Sorry about the loss and please correct me if I’m wrong on the prices because I was using those prices in RSC about a year or so ago… I don’t know if those prices have changed or anything…

thanks for the help

Ok ummmmm rune scimmy’s like 30k to 35k and rune chest(which is either plate or chain)is 17k about for plate addy med is like 1k and patelegs is about 6k meaning…ya’ got ripped off by like 6k meaning they’re all right.

yup, u got ripped off, should have check the prizes first