was this worth it?

i bought a dragon med for 1.5mil and full blue mystic is that worth it? BTW i dont mind if i get ripped 100k but if its 200k i got ripped the ****!.

u coulda got the D med for 1.6mil cash…so thats about good.

lol i just cant wait to wear it. lol i need 2k more exp in def

o lol i woulda got def to 60 before i even thought of buying it but 2k away isnt tooo long at all so grats on gettin it. D MEDS ARE AWESOME lol.

Heck yeah, I just bought mines last night right after I got 60 def. I jumped I was soo happy. It’s a common item, but the stats it gives are good.

and no you didnt get ripped off.

errmmmm yeah fgood

Nice deal, considering they used to be 2 mill, congratz on 60 Def!


Fair deal…I want a d-med!!

lol ty guys yay!!! and it does rule =)