So, I was by the dark knights fortress last night, unfortunately skulled, when my computer froze up on me. I was wearing full rune, with rune kite, scimmy, power ammy, gold gloves, and green cape. I wasn’t too worried because I was with a friend (known outside of runescape, so definately trustworthy), and figured he would protect me. Well, I guess what happened was that a lvl 74 mage came and started attacking us. My friend had to teleport because he was almost dead, and when I logged in, “welcome to lumby!” I was definately not happy :frowning: So yeah. Because the P.C. froze up, I didn’t have time to start the prayers for protect one item, or protection from mage. Yep. I died and lost it all :frowning:
Well, that’s my story, and no, I’m not begging (though any donations are accepted and much appreciated.)
I guess it’s my own fault for being in the wilderness to begin with, but hey… what fun is it just running around mining/crafting/fishing?!

OMG, thats fricken hilarious. I love how you worded that.LOL, Im laughing so hard right now.

lol :twisted:

Rugeba, was that an insult or a compliment?
Either way, I’m glad that someone (besides my killer) could get a laugh out of my loss.
Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

i hate it when my computer freezes or something in the middle of a battle, i died once when i was battling a shade, and then my internet died out :cry: , but i hardly ever pk, so i’m not 2 worried bout dying.

I’ve had that happen also in the same spot, except my power went out :cry: I lose all the same things except a scimmy instead of battle.

thats also happend to me but i wasnt skullde soa ll i lost was a str ammy amd rune large

something like that happened to me…it sucked…i had my rune full they i died like 2 days l8r…and im not i fast money worker so yea…P.S. i got hacked on my main :frowning:

ooohhh, that sux. my comp froze in wildy when i had rune pl8 ((which was a big deal at the time since i just beat dragon slayer and saved 84.5k which was a lot to me bak then. i was so pissed.)) well, i can say ive been in ur position. sorry dude. hope u feel better about it

Lol. Thanks frenzi. I feel fine about it now. I just had to vent some steam when I made the original post. Thanks to some very nice friends, who gave me great discounts, I now have all of the previously mentioned items back except my power amulet (which I’m obviously not too worried about seeing as that’s probably one of the least expensive items that I lost).
OOH. Also, I definately made up for my losses the next day… I was in world 1 (trying to buy cheap rune armor), and some dude said “selling laws, 150 each.” I was like “WOOT!! cheap runes… time to make a profit :)” So I bought as many as he offered in the trade (485 to be exact). Now I just have to sell a bunch of them at 500 ea to make my cash back :slight_smile:
The guy said that he was selling them for such a small price because he had 10k laws in bank, and wanted to get rid of. I pm’d him and said I’d buy more, but he logged like 10 seconds later. Oh well :slight_smile:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

That hurts, i just died cause i was foruming and a lvl 115 came up on me and ranged me to death lol, was funny cause i only lost about 30k’s worth of stuff ^.^

What did you lose, Ded?

lol i hate lagging and dieing…ive done that before i was in the middle of fighting someone in wildy luckily i wasnt skulled and had protect item on when i exed out of the screen so i only lost rune scimmy

i was getting wool from sheeps when i saw someone dieing from a drunk dwarf, i think his comuter was freezing too or something, anyway when he died he dropped 200k worth of stuff and cash. lol

well once i was with my clan (leading the pk trip was my real life friend)
and we were all stacked up following him so it looked like 2 ppl!
so we all split and we were all killin peeps then this lvl 56 (pure pker) atkd me and i was lvl 65 and my computer froze up. right away my friend covenant_i (real life friend-lives with me) tells everyone so everyone that could atkd that guy and well i died but fortunately he died first cause my friends killed him so i got all my stuff back :slight_smile:

lol, i dont feel good today :oops:

I lost full black, 500 steel knives, and my drag breath shield, thats the only thing i really care about, the shield i mean, it was the only one i had lol

Man, you lost a dragon breath!? Ouch…LOL!

The most I lost in the wild was a bunch of burnt lobbies and a tinderbox!

It’s my express ride to Lummy!

It isnt that Drag breath is expensive, its just ther eis no for sure place to get it i dont think, unless somebody knows of one not from a player?