Wastelands (Just the characters)

So, I decided to write another story, or atleast attempt like the rest depending on how it goes.

The world as we know it has ended. After the Great Quake of '17, things had begun to change. Volcanoes nobody ever knew existed sprung up like wildflowers, blooming with abandon. Something we didn’t predict was the affect it would have on the climate. Most weatherologists thought that the world would just cool down, with a post-apocalyptic winter. Luckily, or maybe unfortunately, we got the opposite of that. It got hot and dry. Even the wettest of places have become almost barren after the change.

The “Midwest”, the heartland of the fractured states of America has been thriving, so to speak. Different towns manufacture goods that make our poorest previous lives seem posh. My uncle used to head a band that would make the excursions from town to town. He would tell me stories about his travels, and they sounded fantastic. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, just as it did for him.

So, just like the rest of my stories, I need people to make up some other… well, people. Please, don’t be ridiculous. This is supposed to be realistic. Just fill out what you want, and I’ll add the rest.

Age: 18-50
Personality - (Keep it to a few words)
Previous profession and life style:

Name: Liam Doherty
Age: 46
Skills: First Aid, Diagnosis
Personality - Extremely intellectual and dependable. The type of guy who would take the lead in terrible situations.
Previous profession and life style: Was the chief of medicine at a hospital in the location of your choice.

Name: Michael Root
Age: 26
Skills: Professional Cook/ Hunter
Personality: Confident, Intelligent, Curious
Previous profession and lifestyle: Recently divorced, Head chef of a 5 star restaurant in Boston Massachusetts. Moved to Kansas for a better job career after his divorce.

Name:Pat Macock
Personality -Funny,Brave
Previous profession and life style: Killed 5 men.Was not found guilty.Ran Away to Kansas

Use the character I gave you back when we were in AS together. =)

Who me?What Character lol.

Pat Macock? wtf are you trying to say with that lol