wat is ur fave car out of these?

out of them porshe would be mine, then it would be holden, wat do u think?

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mclaren F1,worlds fastest production car

astin marton db9 i’ve already started saving lol

I like Mistubishi.

04 Maxima. 265 fing horse power man!!!

panoz esperante gtr1

I want a pink tricycle with tassles on the handlebars, and a little horn that plays “La Cucharacha”.

i like ford gt90. it looks awesome but motorcycles rock. i gettin a yamaha blakbird or somethin like that when i graduate from high school. yay 8) :smiley:

i think they’re all pretty cool cars

Either BMW’s or Mercades-Benz… I’m not rich but oh well… I like these cars… But if I had to say a fav affordable car company… Toyotas… My family has nothing but Toyotas and have owned many types of Toyotas…

im more of a chevy person or classic mustangs

i changed my mind i like many ferarrri lamborgini astin martins and i dunno wat else

mclaren F1 is not a company, the mclaren is a mercedes benz
My favorite car is ferrari.

lol the gt40 owns ferrari not litterally and id like to add ruf ctr2