wat should i do with to lvl up stats?

plz tell me wat i should do now, wat stat should i lvl up?plz give me yur opinions…all suggestions are appreciated, my stats are on signature and my crafting is acually 22

Right now you are in the prime position to determine how you want to start making your serious money on Runescape. You could either go the Mining (possibly with smithing), Woodcutting, or Fishing (possibly with cooking). These are the best three ways to make money on F2p…Pick one, and specialize, that is how you make the most money.

thx hockeyav

dude mine and smith a guy named fearless moe buys iron 100 gp each so add him and mine good money and train on guards or the jail guards in draynor village

It really depends on what you want to do. If you want to be the best pker raise your fighting skills. If you want to make money raise something like woodcut. I’d raise your range because if you ever go p2p it helps greatly :wink: