Watch Out Simba =O

Simba got owned…:smiley:

pur3 l337 0wn@g3 man. i could never get 99 cooking.

Ahah, by 5 EXP. Thats crazy.

Funny that you caught that.

Lol nice screenshot. Nice cooking level.

Rofl, Simba got owned!!

I was telling Simba I would beat them in xp, went to see how much xp I needed and I was already ahead…:tongue:

haha 5 exp still = ownage :stuck_out_tongue:

huh well isnt hat convienent?

cool nice one

Didn’t see this post…

I almost couldn’t make it, was bored out of my mind…

Now I need to watch out, when Simba see’s this I’m owned :tongue:

You can cook tons of fishes and reach 200k exp so simba wouldn’t be able to beat you, only equalize lol.

dont worry, ill be sure to tell my kitty friend :wink:

Uses 1337 h4x, goes on Simba’s account and get 6 xp

j00 got w1nn3d 1rl!!!kthxbai

ya I hope you keep lvling or your gonna be owned

simba got owned he he he he but truthfully he is goign too own you when he gets on and sees that

jeff u better watch out soon :slight_smile: im noobzorz pl0x and im gunna catch up

I’m not interested in levelling a skill any more once it gets up to 99. Sure, if people want me to do stuff for them I’m usually willing to, but I don’t see any point in training them above 99. However, I do have a few thousand raw salmons/trouts in the bank that I’ll cook when I no longer have any swordies/lobs left hehe :wink: !

Since you want to be so competitive, I think I just may have to show you the screenshot of our stats compared:

12 wins for me, 10 for you. It’s close, but meh, I have 10mil exp or so in hand over you :smiley: ! And, I do believe I may catch you in combat soon enough if I get my head down :wink: !

lol. simba owns u! 10mil xp is quite a bit…:slight_smile:

Lol Simba and Jeffman let the race begin - IN FARMING

jeff doesnt even have any stats ranked inside the top 2k…:stuck_out_tongue: