Waterfall quest

I have been working on the waterfall quest and have found several things wrong with the walkthrough in the quest files.

first there are no chests to search in the gnome tree maze dungeon. its a set of boxes. and you have to talk to the gnome then search for the key.

second (and a major headache) is you cannot bring anything but food with you into glarial’s grave. you cannot even have it in your inventory on you.

third is that after you use the runes on the pedestals you have to use the neckless on the statue before the ground will rise.

please update the walkthrough. thanks.

On the quest guide here on RSR?

i think he meant rsr…

That’s what I said dip-:censored:

yeah if you read the quest guides from the front page this one is wrong in several points.

rewards 1QP
13750 strength and attack 2 cut diamonds 2 gold bars and 40 mithril seeds

um if its wrong im sure someone will fix it. also your not allowed to double post.

here we get book of baxtorian by searching a book shelf on second floor of that mans house down by the water fall. read it.
then search crates in cave find the key.then open door with gnome and youll automaticlly find a pebble tthen go to the glarials gravestone youll be in a dungeon keep going straight and youll find glaials amulet in chest and other the other room has her urn in the sercoghegus. go to the waterfall door go in WITH THE AMULET go to the right youll see like a chest or crates (something) search them. then go to the room with fire giants ONE TO THE LEFT OF WHERE YOU CAME IN. run across room use key with door and the next door. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 6 AIR RUNES 6 WATER RUNES AND 6 EATRH RUNES.use 3 runes with each little pole like thing make sure its water then air then * earth*. after that use the amulet with glarials statue. then the floor rises use urn with trophy and…