we want horses to ride on!!!

we want horses!!! I wish jagex got them they will be like 20milliongp when they first come out

20 million gp is a bit much dont u think??

send these suggestions to jagex.

Sounds like a good idea, any more in depth suggestions?

I have an idea! You start as lvl 10

I h8 seeing 1 digit combat levels!

I doubt Jagex will change that so you can be a little happier.

yeah…horses would be kewl…horse riding skill!! the higher the skill…the better the horse…it can run further…and if you are ranging…you can shoot while riding it…but you shall have to use shortbow…probs do a quest or something to get horse…like to get kitten…the price of a horse should be at least 100k…perhaps more…or else everyone will have one! hmm…how about riding dragons??..that would be great!!!

sound like zelda, but i think it a great idea, jagex staffs should discuss about it

i think it is an awsome idea. Me and a couple of my friends were talking about it today at school ( instead of listening to the teacher).

exodus, dragons r a little too far, horses would be great though, but they would take a lot of room and jagex would have to either buy more servers or expand them to fill the large amount, thereofre either there would need to be more members, increased prices, or just no other updates for a long time to let it even out

and with the constant growth of rs i don’t think they r gonna do any of those any time soon

how about everybody send this idea into jagex? this way, they will have a higher chance of noticing it! i know that already a lot of people have been discussing it… perhaps jagex is working on it right now!

nice idea, but it’ll probably be p2p :frowning:

kool… except they would hav to configure the entire game. and like one little forum would make jagex do it lololol :roll: :?: :?: :?:

:twisted: there r horses like dragons u have 2 train them i have 1 :twisted:

if we had horses we cud travel fast

this idea is getting better… :slight_smile:

how can you send a messaage to jagex staff?

fantasyhado, quit stealing my avatar, there r plenty of others to choose so get ur own

anyway, to send a message to jagex staff u go to customer support (i think) not entirtely sure though

i kno i sound like a pervert saying this but u shuld b able to bread em once u get to a certain horse riding lvl and sell the baby ones for money and wuld u have to feed em? where would u keep em? what happens if u die on one?

Horses, or any other way of speeding up transit between point a and point b would be nice. Technically there is the teleport, but thats only to designated areas.