weapons and armor

hey i need armor and weapons

A begger on rsr? Now i’ve heard everything! and i think a mod should lock this

hay hes a new member cut him sum slak 8)

get a life dude what u think life is handed to you on a silver plater god dam we worked for our on rs dark lord415 look me up i worked for those stats not beg for stuff .

true, but the moral is that begging is not allowed… right?

well he can beg all he wants but doesnt mean hes going to get it and if he wants it that bad work for it .

not if he has friends DUDE

hay dude who posted dis topic wen i get it ill give it 2 ya! ok? 8)

if he did you think hed just ask them wow thats a good idea dude think before u talk shit if he had any he woulda asked them god ur dumb

did ya ever think i was tring to make friends dumb ass? :evil: :twisted:

y u trying make frineds with a newbie ??? ur looking for the wrong crowd. no effence

nun taken. 8) but soon he will be strong and i have uses for all my friends and also rewards :smiley:

anywasy comebat bet u not nowere near mine but if u are cool im combat 79 almost 80 and i doubt ur there from the sounds of it

well … no but i will be soon :?



whats ur combat?

57 :twisted:

lol my frined has a char and has had it for like 7 or more months and is still only 45 lol!!! but hes a good pker anyways ur not to bad but still far from great i am to tho so looks like we got somthing in comon

lol :lol: