Weapons shop!!!

Rune dagger             20k                        
Rune long                 40k
Rune scimitar            50k

i don’t think so this is scamming skimmy is 35k long is 30k and the dagger is bout 10k

yea ur crazy man lower the prices.

P.S: this site isnt blocked at the puder school district, try at ur school.

Truthfuly its not considered scamming. It’s merchantry.
i would say he bought the itmes for cheap and is selling them for more.
so its not scamming. just making money

that isnt a weapon shop u dont have all of the weapons lol

OK the price for a long at the champions guild is 40k,
I didn’t say I had all the weapons,
and i have sold scimmies for 50k… be happy!!