All dragon weapons are great. I personally think the dragon long is the best because of it’s special attack and speed. What do you think?

yah either the dragon long or the dragon hally, matters what type of person you are, i personally like to fight wiht hallys, but training is impossible with them

i got all dragon weapons,i think dragon b-axe is the best

Dragon Dagger [§] all the way, stealthy little stabber thing, always works

I’d say the b-axe is the best, either that or the long

Go rune scimmy!!! :lol:

slaps birjelman


Gazz mate, The Dragon Longs Always floats the boat.

i like drag long does any have them 4 sale
p.s. not alot of money only like 200000

what is dragon dagger ([p])

Any weapon with a ‘P’ after it means it is poisoned. Weapons that can be poisoned include: Daggers, arrows, throwing knives, and I think spears. Poisoned weapons deal damage every so often and show the damage with a green ‘splat’ of color instead of the red one.

where do you get the dragon weapons? I really want them , and by the way 200000gp is ALOT!!! p.s. im really poor (364gp)

I have all the dragon weapons (halberd, dagger, longsword, mace and battle axe) and of all the the weapons i like the dragon halberd because of its encradible damage and special attack (double attack) whith a special attack of a dragon halberd i can hit 23 x 2 = 46!!!

How do I get Hally’s?

Do regicide quest.

i liek d hally caz u can attack over objects so ur foe cant hurt u but i like d b axe b/c it temporarily raises ur str 15 lvls witht he special

I like the dragon baxe the best because you can charge your streanth up.

i like dragon long and dragon dagger§

do you get a dragon hally by doing the regicide quest?

i like the dragon long the best, i need only 2 more attack lvs and i can get one… if i have enough $