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I like the rune pitchfork!

lol sweet

Hasn’t somebody already done this with a rifle?

Yes i believe someone has, in the fake pic contest.

I believe runelord posted something similar with a gun but he unfortunatly stole the pic off me. If you want proof I can send you the original picture.

Haha. Very cool. :twisted:

tight looking

This was the picture That i desgined. I believe it was posted before runelord used it.


Its it this forum.

Yes i believe you know, Runelord posted on the 3rd of jan, and he posted 5th of dec. Down with Runelord!!

Cool… I like the design on the bullet…

I wanna get Joliojolio’s opinion. I’m also currently experimenting putting actual RS weapons there instead of a gun. Its kind of difficult.

nice picture 10/10, PM the picture to Joliojoilo for him to see it.

10\10, I think its excellent work, I look forward to see’ing you holding varous RS weapons.

11th January, Australian EST

New picture has been added.

somebody already posted a pic like this, but nice anyway 8/10.

If you bother to read what I said up earlier, that I posted a picture like this ages ago. Runelord, used MY picture in the fake picture contest held by venom. This is the original picture.


As you can see, I posted this before runelord.

I am currently working on a hand grenade!

P.S New picture added. I’d have a new post for this except it would be double posting. Mod question, is it okay to post again to say my new picture is up? I suppose it would be like bumping?

good work

wow! you added more since i posted! they all look great!

great skils; 9/10. It is some of the best I’ve seen!

Super Rad.

If only I could do something like that…

MS Paint burns