Weird Glitch in Lumbridge (video)

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created by kdragon

Very weird indeed!

Its is weird. To my understanding some guy kept on getting repeatedly killed by other players in Lumbridge…Very Strange…I’m guessing some glitch in the death process.

its still going on in world 59 lumbridge

rofl so its members only :frowning:

I am in on teh action. there have been a lot of player mods. And it is crowded. I see some other RSRers tehre.

It’s not going anymore… :frown:

i cant see any of ur vids blink :frowning:
sickmat 8)

Woah that’s mental. Imagine the thought of the newbs.

OMG!!thats jusy creapy!

whoa!! how do you make videos?

r u the dude in green halloween mask and mime suit blink

That’s very weird…

Lol, that was funny when the watchman kept attacking that one guy after he died.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

aww, he’s not there anymore :frowning: lol

yo blink, what are the intergers that you entered for the width adn length, on hyper cam? cause ih vae it and i cant find the right one pelase tell me the right integers

weird. how did it stop?

It said my name in there! (daniel)

guys i think thats slayer dungeon for the bone place… im not sure but i think it is… i fell there and i saw everyone there dieing, i picked up a rune large and teled myself the hell out… >.<

i m going now.
when i got there is was done :mad: . but it was funny. it was a bit odd :eek:

lol weird…man, blink you really post cool stuff : D