Weird Prayer

I was just going to the monastery to recharge my prayer, then this happened to my prayer.

I’m not a fan of prayer, so I don’t know what happened.

Can anyone tell me?

Rate my crappy F2P stats while you’re at it too…

yea. it always boosts ur prayer by 2 when u pray. dunno y. just does. happens to be all the time too

And I thought it was something special.
Man…I feel like a big n00b.

the altar at the monastery is a special one and boosts ure prayer by 2 every time u pray there…

lol…did u think ur character had special powers?

No…I thought it was some kind of glitch. Lol. :smiley:

hah. it also works at the nature spirit. raises it by 2. dunno y

Yeah, don’t worry, it’s normal. The monastery boosts your prayer by two when you charge there. The same with the Nature Spirit altar.

Lol…that’s interesting.
If it boosted my “level” instead of the “status” by 2, I could do protect from magic!

Oh, BTW, rate my stats if you want.

lol because that altar is saradormin one it gives more up prayer pts :slight_smile:

u went to the altar in the prayer guild, the altar there boosts ur prayer by 2

well that monastary is pretty much a prayer guild but when u pray there u always get 2 more than u bargan for

that always happens lolz

Lol that happened to me… And I was like shocked! Lol now I know… Anyways your stats are fairly good for f2p, 8/10