Welcome To Exon...


That is my new Runescape Help Site Exon. Please take a look around.
We are creating more images for a total uniqe site, we will soon have many guides, and you can help populate us! If you have any questions just ask, we would hope to see you there.

I didn’t think u were allowed to advertise sites but, i like the skin. I might sign up and help u out.

please dont advertise your sites in forums

why not? its not gainst the rules (last time i checked)

One topic was locked cause someone was advertising his site.

Then i may say this hurry: I will join ur site (if i can) but how do i do?

now im registered!

For what I know its not against the rules, Im just giving you a site I made for Runescape Help. We are already having guides being made, I thought it would help, but if we are not allowed to advertise please lock this, I did not know. If we are, please leave it open.

Hmm that Exon site is pretty cool… So it’s just like a forum place that has help guides… And that’s it?


yea, its a cool site, get rigistered!

Uhh okay… And also I have a question(check your PMs)


Malibubrad, there are guides, but it is forums all about Runescape, take a look, it has a ton of forums lol.

check out mine in my sig not too bad either…my friend and i made it together

The mods have wrote millions of posts on your site…why?

The admins have wrote millions of posts on your site…why?

We added a few more forums including a Runescape Game forum, check out mine, its pretty kool.