well is she

Is she hot (a guys question)

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How is this a serious debate? Grow up.

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And yes, to be modest, I would kill for her… :smiley:


b mi gf plz

to tell u the truth
no, i dont find her atractive, personally i dont like girls that dress…kinda like that

I would say something, but its not right for RSR.

Yes, she is. Especially that picture.

Thanks for that.

No comment. It’s 10:30 and I’m so tired I can hardly see straight. Don’t really care anyways, unless it’s someone I can ask to Junior Prom or that’ll help me pass AP Gov.

:eye-poppi :eye-poppi i would so hit that opps did i say it i mean um nvm

-CoughPlasticSurgeryCough- -CoughLookAtTheCheeksCough-

cambells… mm mmm good…

coughSO TRUEcough Not my kind of girl anyway >_<.

i wouldn’t socialise with her but id…yeah…nervouse look

Hot? If you placed her in a room at absolute zero, she’d cause the temperature to fall even lower.

She is Hot!

She is hot, wtf!
I never saw her dressed like that!
She looks more like a slut herself

If you ask me, this topic is complete spam. But… yea, I have to agree, she is cute.

All you guys look for looks. I bet she’s the most stuck up bi**h you’ve ever seen, looks aren’t everything.

um i let me think YESSS!!!

heeeells yeah!

Why am I the only person to say no?