Now RSR is just being straight-out mean. I can understand a quick one-day ban, even if I don’t agree with it, and then I get banned permanently, and I get my account disabled. Now I’m supposed to apologize to all the admins and stuff. This ain’t cool. I was only trying to help a friend. I geuss RSR ain’t worth my time.

Then why did you post this?
sickmate 8)

To show what a low-life place RSR is. Maybe you’ll agree, if you’ve ever stuck up for a friend.

What in sam hell are you talking about? Your account was at a 1 day ban last time I checked, don’t know why it would be changed.

And if you want to flame RSR, don’t flame everyone considering not everyone was involved with the whole thing.

Ahhh now I see. Next time bring the problem to me instead of making an entire topic about it flaming us.

Then why did it say: Account unlocked: Never.

My god.

Iced, Ded changed his ban to permenant ban. I think the reason was because he was being extremely rude to you, although I don’t really see where.

Fallon, RSR is worth the time. All is a misunderstanding, I think.

I kind of have a life, sorry if I wasn’t on for the past 3 hours. I sometimes have more important things to do than watch over a forum.

There, back to a 1 day ban.

You have been banned for the following reason:
Well, made a leaving post cause you didn’t like Iced’s 1 DAY BAN, so you’ve left…

Date the ban will be lifted: Never

And I have better time than entertain a forum.

Fallon, if you have better things to do, STOP POSTING.
Dont just come back to complain.
sickmate 8)

k thx bai.

As I see it right now, Fallon was banned because he was defending Jolio. This is pretty much the same thing as when Ari was banned. He stood up for him, only to get banned. Then when he made his leaving topic, Ded said, “Ok, if you’re leaving… Banned permanently, on both of your accounts. Iced’s decision was correct, what you said was unbelievably rude and insulting…” This was a bad choice. What he said was NOT unbelievably rude and insulting. The person he said it to was being very rude and mocking Jolio’s attempted suicide. I can understand the one day ban by Ice, but a permenant ban? No. You have missed your chance of unbanning him. He’s gone. Forever. RSR has been rude to Fallon, and nobody even respects that he saved Jolio’s life. You guys should really think it out straight before just banning.

hope you relize in life soon that life isn’t always fair to you, you should already know that, so suck it up princess

Shut the hell up, and don’t add to the flaming. He knows life isn’t always fair, probably more than you.

The real point is, do you want to stay at RSR? All the firends you have here, all the memories, do you want to ruine them over something that was really good that you did? So mabey you think the admins or Mod’s made a wrong desicion, should that throw away all the great times you had at RSR? You ahve alot of friends here and alot going for you, and I would hate to see it all go away. You helped someone when they needed you the most, that should be enough, knowing that you helped a person here, mabey live to see tomorrow.
Hope you stay,

Well, its your choice, but…I think you should stay.

To the staff, is it fair for him to be banned for sticking up for a friend, when Arisoma and I did for XGCX and didn’t? Yeah, so he told someone to do something that was totaly inappropriate. So? The person didn’t do it, and probaly didn’t even think about it.

He was just trying to protect a friend, and now we’ve lost a loved member.

Good bye Fallon. See you around iArt?

Yeah, Dan’ll be around iArt.
What Texas said. Think.
Go back to those memories. The people. Do you really want to leave it? It’s your choice.
But I think it’s really unfair for the mods to always ban those who stand up for a friend.
The staff should get their minds straight.

Ya’ll can thank Ded.

I thought you were in Maine. :o

But really, it was a stupid decision to permanently ban Dan.
By the way, I forgot to upload this gift I made you a few months ago. Silly me. :drool:

i just wanted to state my statis in this topic and you add to the flaming by flaming me