wewtness i 0wn

well i finally reached my goal of 50 range… althogough i still haft to get it to 70… :frown:. but anywhoo heres the pic of my 0wnage 50 range.

you own me…

dam, now your in the lead instead of me(ur addicted is ay, addicted!)

ooh nice lvl good luck on getting to 70!

Congratulations! Best of luck to you with 70 range, it’ll take quite a while :frown: .

good luck on 70 range dude! nice lvl I am almost 60 (1 more lvl)

yea i only have 400 iron arrows left i need to do some intense flax picking then buy like 3 k arrows…

Cmo satan, u neda better money earning wway than that :slight_smile:

Whats you’re max hit now?

good job keep working to 70 ranged

Yah you own me as well, my range is only 40. Got it there to wear dhide for pking.

congrats on 50 good luck on 70 mines only 40

my max hit is 9’s last time i checked with addy arrows… but that was when i had 48 range so im not really that sure…

Well, only thing I can say is: Congratulations!!! I hope you get to 70 ranged soon. =)

yup thats gonna take while tho… lol