whack a troll mini game

I’m putting this up for the dude who asked why everyone hates war hammers, well how about we make a cool thing for ONLY war hammers! this is for you, and I give credit to you for givin me the idea. They should make a “whack a troll” mini game for people with warhammers only, where you pay 20gp to play, and you run around and try and hit trolls popin outa holes int he ground, and if you hit enough you get a prize! I think it sounds like fun, and person with the high score of the day and score of the week get special prizes. How about them apples?

err no jsut a bit boring

lol…,i like it,nice idea

don’t talk to me about boring, cuttin willows for hours on end is boring, or waiting for people to pk, or tryin to find someone to sell amulets of magic too, or fishing for swordies, or…keeps goin…or yeah all those things and more. I’m sure whackin a troll on the head and winnin a prize is better than those.

i think it’s an ok idea, it would be fun to whack trolls popping out of the ground… but shouldn’t this be in the suggestion fourm?

i prob wouldnt do it but if i was bored id watch people runaround like idiots so ya itd b funny

Being in wildy trying to find someone to pk is not boring, it’s exciting because you never know who you’ll meet in wildy.

sounds um… er… interesting…
i would rather play
… drumroll plz…
all u need is a lvl 45 noob asking u for a fite in lvl 10 wildy
its the best game ever! lol

lol, you apparently haven’t read my thread on karma have you? if they attack you then it would still work if you read it.

lol… i would do that sounds like fun…whack-a-troll that is

well at least I get some supporters

In filtrator your dissapointing me… MOVED to suggestions

do you haf to pay for wack a troll?

Thats a great idea, but howabout Whack-An-Imp?

i would rather wack a imp

hah. nice.

LOL, what the hell do you think this is. Anyway, I think it would be pretty fun.

wack wack wack… it would be fun watching people playing it.

thats a great idea i would play 24/7 haha i love wack - a - troll

well I have alot of supporters this time at least lol