What Are You?

What are you in Runescape

Ranger (Myself)
Tutor (I have seen people help noobs, all they do)
Rare Item Collector
Economics Freak (Just Skills Like Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Ect)

Are you somthing other than that? Tell us what you are!

im a melee/ranger i like ranging, its so much fun destroying things from places where they cant hurt u lol. I also like maging but im bad at it (53).

both of my accounts are mix so i can kill people faster

Im a ranger but im not pure, check the sig out :S

My main account (Geminiman) is a mix between an economics freak and a melee fighter… BTW, what is an adventurer in your terms? A person that does only quests and such? Cause an adventurer was originally a class you could choose for your character back when RS first came out… I myself chose the adventurer class… Mostly cause my friend told me to… The other classes consisted of a mage, ranger, warrior (Melee), miner, and something else I forgot…

i like to do everything ecept rang :slight_smile:

Im basically a mix. I do melee mostly though. Im training range cuz i get hides and sell for 2k each. I am trainin magic so i can get into guild. And i have a lot of my other stats up.

Adventurer? In my view? Someone who does tons of quests and always explores the lands and everything always finding somthing new.

A mix. Melee with high prayer for my level. Low mage and range. Miner/smither so kinda economic freak. And I help a LOT of noobs.

I am definatley a mix. All of my skills except woodcutting (61) and ranging (10 lol) are between 50-60. I am working on my ranging though.

im a melee and an adventurer. ive done every free quest. i want more!

i guess i’m a melee, and a economic freak, and maybe an adventurer on my main account.

im melee i always pk melee

i also like to merchant as there is so much money to be made off people that are desperate to sell things. like the brown cav i bought for 250k and sold for full blk g and wealth ring.

Im a melee… I h8 ranging no offence… arrow thieves turned me against ranging… :x

I guess i am mostly a ranger…melee takes less prep but range owns aside of the picking - up - the - dam - arrows part…

Melee, I like woodcutting a lot though, so I guess you could call me a woodcutter.