what are your runescape names?

Well what are they? My runescape name is tenshi237! :fluffy:


I like to adventure around and just have fun! Its so fun! I like killing alot of thing.My friend killed a dragon before by using magic!

BloodFire765. :hot:

Kopachris! :vulcan:

Mine is Michaelks :darkside:

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

Legion552 :slight_smile:


mine is cj189291

mines worker0201…

ogothefat 2
all the way baby,- usually at green dragons in least pouplated world

You’ll never guess mine!!

I Bet you’ll never guess!!!

BTW contact me about me about yews if you need them my rs name is Timmy_exe.

00avs00 ahhh thank u lol

I would post mine, but this is an easy way for hackers to get runescape names, so its not really a good idea lol.

My username is obvious if you follow the pattern but my noob account is Kilsaradomin LOL.