What armor u guys wear in wildy?

Hey guys i was just wonderin wot armor u guys wear in wildy?

I wear rune full with 2h. :smiley:

                                              Just post wot u wear...

Full rune, ammy of power, red boots/gloves and rune battle axe.

full rune rune scimmy + accessories…

nothing,… lmfao i might smith myself some iron somethimes, but i cant even make full yet… so bye

full rune scimmy kite, legends cape, white boots and red gloves

i want a legends cape…too bad im not a member…poo

too bad you need to do the quest to get it

sad :cry:

full splitbark armor iban staff legends cape cooking gloves boots of lightness dragon sqare shield

i lost full addy, rune long, yellow gloves, ring of recoil,
and holy symble in the wilderness

can any1 help me
i am doing a clue scrol but i have come to a grinding holt and i wonder if
anyone can help me

my first clue was an anagram of party pete
the second was i need to talk to uilizia but i am not sure of such a person
could som1 plz tell me who and where this person is

master attacker, are those stats real…i dont think they are but my friend wants to know

[size=24][size=18]Okay pplz lets just keep this going eh? no time for questions[/size][/size] :slight_smile:

i normally wear mage stuff inside. if i’m going into level 1-10 then i wear full guthix inside so that i wont lose them :slight_smile:

Rune chain (for now), rune legs, full, baxe and ammy of power.

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hey i wear full rune with scimmy or if im in members i wear my rune halberd and full tune with ammy of glory

full rune of course, y not?

i where all steel and a steel long sword i know i am a noob 8)

if ur gonna lie u should at least try to cover it up, to do legends and get legends cape u have to do family crest quest to do that u need lvl 59 mage…u only have 50, better luck next time…o and u need lvl 60 def to wield a drag square to :wink:

i have full rune but i dont wear it in case i lose it. i just make myself some xtra mith or steel armor. i do bring my rune long or 2h everytime