What browser do you use?

What Browser? I use Firefox, and IE. Usually F.F. though…

Firefox. It’s the best and you can get loads of extras for it; like Ad-block and the ad-block filter list, which block out almost all ads.

The sound on RS doesn’t work on FF for some reason though, so I use IE for RS.

Hmm, I use Swiftswitch for RS anyway so thats never a problem for me…

For some reason, Safari (for mac users) is not up there, I wonder why?

Not a mac user, didnt know it exsited, if a mod can edit please do if not, put other and post.

I use IE normally but if something can only be viewed/done in FF i use that or since that is my main browser i sometimes just go to rsr from a site link i clicked.


I use FireFox, the AD block owns…

Although I use SBC Yahoo DSL browser to play RS.

Dude, Safari sucks SO MUCH. It wont even open for me anymore lol. Same with IE… I use Firefox. Customizable(sp), and nice and fast too.
sickmate 8)

Gasp! I use Safari on my Mac, it owns =) FF owns on Dells :smiley:
~Dama :meditate:

I use firefox


I use Opera. Rupert gave me the link on Opera’s ‘birthday’, so I got the verification link and all :).

ie sucks… ff is much much better. and faster

I use both IE and FF. Both very good providers.

I use FF for everything…

I just use IE because I’m used to it.

Well, since I have access to two computers, I use Internet Explorer on one of them, since I didn’t want to install FireFox, and I use Firefox on the other computer (The computer I normally use)… Redwraith got me into using Firefox around the time when IE died on me… So, right now, I almost always use Firefox, but since IE is set as my default browser, whenever I click a link, it opens it up in IE… Basically, I skip around between the two ^ ^ …

I use Firefox (usually) and Avant Browser (a lot). I use it a lot because it’s fully tabbed and really easy to use.

I use Internet Explorer.

I use Avant Browser, which is based on Internet explorer, except it’s kinda different. Here’s a pic of me typing this in Avant Browser so you can see what it looks like:

The thing at the top is called “WinBar”. It shows what operating system you’re using, along with how long the computer has been running, how much of your CPU you’re using, a volume control, the “lock” keys, input/output, and a Google search bar.

nutting better than firefox but i cant be bothered to download it cuz we got aol now